Blue Economy and Water

Esposende, a land of river and sea, is the “gateway” to the resources the sea has to offer us, among which fish, sargasso and salicornia.

The potential in terms of sea technologies earns international recognition, so there is the opportunity to join a living lab for projects working on biodiversity and ecosystem related to the sea, the rivers Neiva and Cávado and its estuary.


Reinforcement of the closeness to the Industry sector and strategic commitment to Culture and Art as essential elements for its development.

The plan is to increase the spillover effects in the industry – with particular emphasis in creative, technology-based and high added value industries – and widen the control over the value chain.

Agri-food 4.0

Incentives for projects that apply Industry 4.0 concepts to the local primary sector: precision agriculture, with the introduction of modern agricultural techniques and management systems to make production more efficient and technology applied to agriculture.

Incentives to investment in innovative areas such as organic and sustainable farming, hydroculture, and niche crops with growing demand until 2030, such as salicornia (endogenous product). Opportunities for support industries to settle, namely packaging and conservation.

Water, Tranquility and Nature Tourism

Strengthening the investment in Water, Tranquility and Nature Tourism to fight seasonality.

Opportunities for Well-being and Sports Tourism, Esposende is in the pole position to stand out as the Portuguese capital of nautical sports (canoe, kayak, kitesurf, diving, powerboating, paddle, surf and bodyboard). Promotion of Esposende as gastronomic destination (Atlantic Diet), with fish and sea products as key ingredients. Investment in historical-cultural heritage and religious tourism (Portuguese Coastal Way to Santiago de Compostela).

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