FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

No, the business offices are available at START Esposende only for incubated entrepreneurs. Learn more about our incubation program in “Incubation” and join START Esposende today.

The START Esposende incubation program is open for either natural or legal person interested in developing a business project.

START Esposende has a multisectoral nature, so it is open to receive projects from any activity sector. However, there is a strategic interest in the following development areas:

  • Information, communication technologies and electronics.
  • Blue economy;
  • Tourism;
  • Industry (in particular food and creative industries);
  • Agri-food 4.0 (primary sector with an innovation component).

START Esposende has three incubation stages, adjusted to the companies’ needs in all their development stages:

READY: Pre-Incubation

Entrepreneurs with a business idea that they want to transform into a company.

SET: Incubation

Entrepreneurs with recent companies (less than 24 months).

GO: Development

Entrepreneurs with more mature companies (more than 24 months), who want to reach new markets/audiences or develop new competencies.

No, it is not compulsory. The participation in all START Esposende incubation stages is optional. Each entrepreneur can decide, together with the management team, the stage that better suits his/her current needs.

The costs depend upon the modality: virtual incubation, coworking or company office.

To find more about pricing, please contact START Esposende.

Our pool of specialized partners aims at joining entities that can help you in areas such as Management, Accounting, Communication, Legal Advice, Internationalization and Marketing, offering special conditions. All entrepreneurs that join our incubation program can have access to this pool, regardless of the stage or modality they are in. To learn more about our pool of partners please contact START Esposende.

In case you want to be a part of our list of specialized partners, please get in touch with us introducing the name of the company, the area of expertise, the services and the type of special conditions offered to projects incubated at START Esposende.

Contact us here.

Our network of mentors is composed by experienced professionals. Their role is to share knowledge and guarantee the necessary supervision so that our entrepreneurs get all the information that will lead them to run a successful business project.

It will take us a maximum of ten working days to answer your application and schedule an interview with our team. After the interview you will receive the result of your application, whether it is positive or negative, in a deadline that will not exceed 20 working days.

Each project is assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Adaptation to the START Esposende objectives.
  • Environmental impact;
  • Innovative project;
  • Scalable project;
  • Contribution to the competitiveness and innovation of the local economy;
  • Entrepreneurs skill set;
  • Project’s economic, financial, and technical viability;
  • Number of jobs to be created;
  • Potential of growth and internationalization.

Our incubation program lasts for no longer than five years, with the following distribution:

READY: Pre-Incubation (up to 12 months);

SET: Incubation (up to 24 months);

GO: Development (up to 24 months).

Our goal is to allow the company to gather the necessary conditions to operate independently and leave START Esposende once the incubation program is complete. In some cases, the contract duration can be reduced if:

  • The company settles in its own headquarters;
  • The project turns out unfeasible;
  • Breach of contract.

At START Esposende we are ready to assist you in every stage of the investment process, from the pre-investment stage until our “After Care” services. For more information regarding the services we have please check the “Investiment” area. You can also reach us to clarify any doubt you may have. Contact us!

To schedule a meeting with us you have to fill in our contact form and explain us your questions. You will receive an e-mail regarding the appointment. It is our pleasure to answer your doubts.

Yes, START Esposende has a multifunctional room and a meeting room where you can carry out your events. Priority is given to events that bring dynamic to the Municipality of Esposende and events organized by the entrepreneurs that are members of our incubation program. In order to book a space, please fill in and send the “Form” no later than 15 days prior the date of the event.

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